Learning to code

The idea behind Every Child Can Code is to make it easy for every child to learn to code in Spectrum BASIC. This course will help your teachers and perhaps your parents to learn how to help you learn coding. And we make it easy for you to teach yourself. We show you how to create your own programs, written in Spectrum BASIC, and to run them on a Windows computer or on a ZX Vega games console. To help make it fun for you to learn coding, this course will also teach you to design your own games programs, using the Arcade Games Designer.

Every Child Can Code presents an online course that teaches with examples. It gives you, completely free of charge, all the software tools you need, all the teaching you need, and three very helpful books which you can print as PDF files.

When you have created a program of your own you can send it to a friend by email for running on their Windows computer or ZX Vega, and if you think it’s a really good program you can send it to us at Every Child Can Code HQ, where we might decide to choose it to be one of the programs posted on our web site EveryChildCanCode.org for everyone to enjoy.

Every Child Can Code teaches you BASIC programming from the start, and before you know it you will be able to help your school compete in the ZX Vega National Schools Coding Championships – an exciting new competition launched September 2015, with one division for primary and prep schools, and another division for secondary and independent schools and sixth form colleges.

Each coding lesson teaches you five new BASIC codewords with:

  1. A very brief introduction – explaining what we cover in that lesson.
  2. Sections teaching each of the new codewords.
  3. An example program that uses all of the codewords that are new to this particular lesson. You will be able to follow the example program as it is created, step-by-step.
  4. An invitation to try out using those new codewords, monitored by the bilt-in friendly “coding teacher”.