Learning Materials

Everything you need to know in order to learn how to code is available on your computer screen. But you might also want to have some text books to refer to from time to time. So Every Child Can Code has produced three books for you, and you can download any or all of them as PDF files, free of charge.

These three books are:

Volume 1 – “BASIC Coding for Beginners”

Available mid-September

This contains everything you are taught in the first part of the BASIC course ,which we call“BASIC in Ten Easy Lessons”. In each of these lessons you will learn five BASIC codewords. The first part of Volume 1 presents all 50 of these codewords, with the same summary that you will find on your screen when you are learning the codeword. A more detailed explanation of each codeword – a “Reference Guide” – is given in an appendix. So if you download the PDF for Volume 1 you will have the easy-to-learn summary text for each of those 50 codewords in the main part of the book, but you will also be able to refer to the appendix for more details about those codewords and how to use them.

Volume 2 – “BASIC coding for Animation and Games”

Available mid-October

This part of the course will teach you how to design and code animations. Then you will learn how to use the Arcade Game Designer to design and code your own games programs.

In addition to this book an excellent set of free videos is available to help you learn how to get the most out of using the Arcade Game Designer. You can find the videos at

Volume 3 – “BASIC Coding for the More Advanced Pupil”

Available mid-November

This part of the course is best left until you feel confident that you know and understand all 50 of the BASIC codewords taught in Volume 1. Here you will learn all of the remaining codewords in Spectrum BASIC.

Everything you see on your computer screen when you are learning BASIC has been aimed at children who know how to read and write. If there is anything here which you find difficult to understand, just ask your teacher, or perhaps a parent can help you.

Printed Books

The PDF versions of all three of our volumes are free and give you all the information you will need to become a fluent BASIC coder. If you would prefer to have one or more of these books as a printed and bound volume, it is available for purchase from our web site or from Amazon.