Free software tools we provide

The tools we provide you with are:

  1. An “emulator” called BASin. (Available now)

    The word “emulate” means “pretend to be”. So an emulator is a software system which emulates – pretends to be – a computer. The BASin emulator pretends to be a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, which was very popular in the 1980s. Any program you create and run on this emulator will also work on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and that means it will also work on the ZX Vega games console because the Vega also emulates a Spectrum.

  2. A “development environment” which is part of BASin. (Available now)

    A development environment is a system for helping you to code your own programs. You can think of a development environment as being your own little world in which you can work to create and test Spectrum BASIC code, which you can then run in the emulator. Your development environment includes an easy-to-understand software tool which we call the “coding teacher”. This helps you to trace what your program is doing when it is running, and to find our what is wrong if your program won’t work properly. We call this process finding “bugs”, and once you find a bug you correct it – this is called “debugging” your program.

  3. The “Arcade Game Designer” (AGD). (Available early October)

    This is an easy to learn and easy to use system which, as you will have guessed from its name, makes it quick and easy for you to design and code games.