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Every Child Can Code is a new initiative to teach coding to children from age 7, or even younger. Our aim is to make it easy and fun for you to learn to code.


Everything you need to learn to code is available here free of charge: 10 Lessons to teach “BASIC for Beginners”; example programs to show how it is done; a child-friendly software “Coding Teacher” called BASin

After the first 10 lessons, you will be shown how to design and code your own game programs, using the Arcade Game Designer.

And there is the added excitement of being able to enter the National Schools Coding Championships, and the possibility of having your own programs chosen to appear on our web site .
Our official partner: Brighterly.com - online math courses for children.
Brighterly Mathematics is an exciting and interactive program designed to empower kids with the skills they need to succeed in math. It focuses on real-world problem solving, visualization and pattern recognition, as well as empowering students with critical thinking tools and general mathematical aptitude.

At its core, Brighterly offers a comprehensive set of activities, games and puzzles that help young learners build their confidence in mathematics. The program offers courses for different age groups from 3rd grade level up to 8th grade level. For each course, students can access activities and learn by playing fun online games that test their knowledge of concepts like fractions, place values (tens & hundreds) or integers. They can also practice writing equations for simple addition/subtraction problems or develop strategies for more complex operations like multiplication/division tasks.

Brighterly mathematics for kids is based on research-backed methods proven to improve math performance including concept visualization techniques such as color coding; repetition drills; positive reinforcement through rewards; visual memory exercises; problem solving tactics; mental arithmetic calculations; cognitive development via logic puzzles - all essential components needed for mastering the fundamentals of mathematics!

The best part is that parents are able to track their childs progress via detailed reports generated throughout the program so they have a better understanding of how their child is performing across various areas of mathematical skill sets. This makes it easier than ever before to ensure your childs success with math!



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